14 Apr 2021

BBC Music Magazine, Chamber choice of the month

Youthful abandon: Johan Dalene's career has started with a bang.

Lovely review and Chamber Choice of the Month, May 2021, in BBC Music Magazine for Nordic Rhapsody. 

"The young violinist continues to impress with this very passionate performance. Johan Dalene’s dynamism makes for a delightful disc…. beauty incarnate and in perfect step with his composers’ various voices… Sinding’s Suite gets Dalene’s bow rocking right from start… while Stenhammar plumps for gentle restraint in music whose modesty is a key part of its appeal. Rautavaara’s Notturno e danza sends the violin mystically floating and scampering into the skies… The final spot deservedly goes to the buoyantly beautiful Grieg sonata… with folk fiddling and rhythms bursting in, much to the musicians’ relish." 

BBC Music Magazine, Geoff Brown

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