23 May 2017

Crescendo Mentor Programme

Johan has been chosen to take part in the Crescendo mentorship programme 2018.

The Crescendo mentorship programme is a programme for outstanding musicians on the verge of an international career and is a joint venture between the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Bergen International Festival, and the Barratt Due Institute of Music. 
To be offered a place in the programme and to be able to draw the full potential from participating, the candidates must already be on an outstanding level, both musically and technically. They will be expected to have embarked on a professional career, and most of them will alredy have professional representation.
The program typically runs for 2-3 years and is tailored to each participant’s specific needs. During the course of the program the young musicians will meet and work closely with various mentors, both through coaching and shared performances, but also in the shape of individiual coaching sessions and talks.