”Johan Dalene produced perhaps the most individual performance of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto I have ever heard…. Dalene was supple and fleet of foot, introducing fluid yet perfectly controlled tempos so that the music flowed easily and never wallowed in its own sense of importance. His sound character was mercurial - incorporating rich deep tones as well as wispy sul tasto - and in the third movement his spiccato was a joy.”
The Strad, Charlotte Smith
”Dalene sculpted the kind of hypermusical performance of the Tchaikovsky that the piece deserves but rarely receives. Probably no one in the audience took a breath during the closing bars of the finale, when the young violinist stayed in perfect sync with the orchestra like a finely-tuned machine. A standing ovation was both unanimous and spontaneous.....many of us turned to each other and exclaimed, “That’s the best performance of this piece I’ve ever heard.”
Clevelandclassical.com, Daniel Hathaway
"Besides his fantastic technique, energy, sensitivity and musical awarness, Johan Dalene has the gift of completely captivating the listener's attention. In addition, he radiates a warm aura and seems to actively seek eye contact, which creates an almost intimate relationship with the listener. His star has already risen and is shining with replendent light."
Ruch Macyczby, Radoslaw Wieczorek
”…a spectacularly gifted first-prize winner of the Carl Nielsen Competition. His performance of the Nielsen concerto came with a huge range of colors and dynamics, rock-solid rhythmic control, and a sound as big as Oistrakh’s.”
classicalvoiceamerica.org, Robert Markow
"It was a perfect match, the 21-year-old Swedish violin-comet, Johan Dalene, and Spanish conductor, Jaime Martin, together they made Carl Nielsen's violin concerto sing and dance. But it was Dalene who set the tone and created the atmosphere in perhaps the finest performance I can remember hearing of this concerto.
Dalene's strength is his phrasing and delivery, which is incredibly musical, the phrases performed without haste in a wonderful rubato, where there is calm and coherence, so that it seems as if you are hearing the concerto here for the very first time."
Nordjyske Stiftstidende, Tore Mortensen
”Marvellous articulation at all speeds of tempo, projected through his Strad, furthermore a mature sensitivity to mood switch and nuance – all struck sweetly home in this irresistible music, just like a succession of Kobi Bryant title-winning baskets so whisperingly accurate they never touch the net.”
Worthing Herald, Richard Amey
”Not through brute force but with supple flexibility, in which each note is given life, enthusiasm and feeling. What intuition, what maturity!”
Sydsvenskan, Carlhåkan Larsén
”A brilliant performance. From the very first second he captured the audience with emotionel depth, profusion, vitality and the beautiful sound of the violin, not to mention his outstanding technique which was phenomenal.”
Lietuvos rytas, Vilnius
”His delicate shaping, clarity of tone and dynamic control were a joy to here.” 
the Strad June 2016, Charlotte Smith
”Seldom have I been so impressed and genuinely touched by such a young musician. Like a finely polished gem his violin radiated brilliantly throughout the phenomenal ensemble teamwork.”
Stavanger Aftenblad, Eirik Lodén
”I have probably never experienced music so depictive, like narratives in musical form. Dalene’s performance, from the forceful attacks to the small details was like a palette of pure colours.”
Smålandsposten, Kjell Nilsson
”Though Schönberg’s compact Fantasy is both challenging to play and demanding to listen to - so far from easy public appeal as possible, Dalene’s formidable execution and soulful expression brought this work fully into the hearts and minds of the audience."
Stavanger Aftenblad, Eirik Lodén
”His confident performance, full-bodied sound and technical virtuosity astounded the audience and rendered him exuberant acclamation.”
Upsala Nya Tidning, Per A F Åberg
”…impressive supple sound - from the gentle dream-like to something that could fill large concert halls. Most important was how he together with Gimse took command of this emotional narrative, with such powerful expression that everyone was convinced about the interpretive significance.”
Klassekampen, Magnus Andersson
”Consistently brilliant interpretations with a remarkable feel for the instrument’s tonal resources.”
la Cittadella